Lead Participant: Altelium Ltd


"Project Pozibot brings together prominent organisations involved in battery development from university to a battery pack manufacturer, to a BMS developer, to a niche EV market manufacturer and a leading FCA regulated Insured Warranty provider from the LLoyds' and London insurance market. The aim of Project Pozibot is to enable a new type of dynamic insured warranty to be developed, covering components too young for traditional history-based risk calculations. It will enable partnerships between insurance providers and smaller (local) battery pack suppliers removing market entry barriers; Pozibot will play a significant role in the development, and real-life rollout, of next generation batteries.

Battery packs need remote monitoring for predictive maintenance, to flag high-level information such as state-of-health, predictions of remaining asset value and lifetime enabling a modern dynamic warranty insurance product which, with the help of AI, goes beyond traditional risk calculation and forecasting and enables the insurance provider to conduct prescriptive analytics based on real-time battery health and usage data. Using patented quantum-based asset tagging technology enables an unforgeable logging and monitoring system for battery packs.

Cells and battery level suppliers need a warranty to get their products to market. The warranty provider needs the data to provide the insured warranty. Project Pozibot will deliver a warranty thus supporting a significant UK industry initiative at each point in the supply chain.

The project responds to many of the challenges on measurement needs within the battery industry identified by the National Physical Laboratory report on Energy Transition: Measurement needs within the battery industry (c)NPL Management Ltd 2017\."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Altelium Ltd, Buckingham £685,396 £ 479,776


Quantum Base LTD, Stockport £294,585 £ 206,210
Brill Power Limited, Oxford £458,151 £ 320,706
Lancaster University, United Kingdom £527,158 £ 527,158
Delta Motorsport Limited, OXFORDSHIRE £442,176 £ 309,523


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