CANVAS: How do audiences want to interact with a public art gallery in the digital age?

Lead Participant: Mostyn Gallery Limited


"Contemporary art can be challenging to audiences. Using interactive technologies in galleries and museums can help to overcome that challenge by speaking to audiences directly, sharing contextual information and enriching their understanding and experience.

Canvas will be a human-centred feasibility study looking at how audiences want to interact with a public art gallery in a digital age. Our focus is on MOSTYN, Wales's foremost contemporary art gallery, which welcomes over 80,000 visitors a year.

The Internet has changed the way in which we acquire and consume information; nowadays, we are one click away from reading the latest news, acquiring the latest gadget or being informed by the latest fashion trends taking place at the other side of our planet. In such a society, 'original' public entities and representatives of knowledge, such as art galleries, museums etc. need to constantly adapt and shape their experiences so that they remain appealing to the public. Canvas will help MOSTYN better understand its role when a wealth of global culture is available non-stop and on-demand via screens.

Our key aims are:

1. To use human-centred design approaches to find out more about MOSTYN audiences and how they behave when having cultural experiences and how we can better meet their needs.
2. To build and test several quick, cost effective feedback tool prototypes to see what technology MOSTYN visitors are comfortable using.
3. To create a plan for how we could use all these findings to build a working feedback tool for MOSTYN that would be fit for purpose, interactive and continue to provide crucial audience data that we can use to inform our programmes of activities.
4. To share our findings with our visitors, stakeholders and other researchers.

Canvas will be innovative in that it brings together a new partnership between MOSTYN, the Media Innovation Studio at University of Central Lancashire and experienced designer Dr Adrian Gradinar, to bring insight to a timely and important issue: what does the public want from cultural institutions in a digital age?"

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Mostyn Gallery Limited, Conwy County £24,000 £ 16,800


TransparentBug £10,500 £ 7,350
University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom £4,666 £ 4,666


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