Environmentally Benign Combination Biopesticides: Transforming Pest Control in Chinese and UK Agriculture

Lead Participant: Agropy UK Limited


Environmentally benign fungal pathogens and naturally insecticidal plant extracts could offer a sustainable

alternative to synthetic chemical pesticides. Fungal control does not have many of the problems associated

with conventional control such as pest resistance, toxicity to humans and persistence in the environment. One

downside to such a technology is that it can be slow acting to achieve effective control. In this project we will

create a formulation combining fungal pathogens with pesticidal plant extracts for effective pest control. The

new product may confer additional benefits as the modes of action may work in synergy to achieve greater

pest control with less material required. This collaboration between the Natural Resources Institute and

Eurorganic Ltd in the UK and Fujian Agriculture & Forestry University and Jiangxi Tian-Ren Ltd in China will also

stimulate growth of the UK and Chinese market, provide safer working conditions, creating job opportunities

and allowing local growers to receive a greater return for their produce by conforming to EU regulations on

pesticide use.We will use field and laboratory studies to determine the optimal formulation.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Agropy UK Limited, High Wycombe £539,795 £ 377,857


University of Greenwich, United Kingdom


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