Blue Planet

Lead Participant: S & a Produce (UK) Limited


"As a leading British and international soft fruit producer, S&A are seeking to enhance productivity through their growing techniques and development of innovative equipment to produce even better fruit that will delight and exceed the expectations of their customers and consumer.

Through developing automated technology incorporating machine vision systems, supported by the MTC and Capture Automation, they will improve crop yield and quality within their existing UK farms and translated across their international operations.

BluePlanet enables a collaboration between a leading international soft fruit producer (S&A), a specialist SME, Capture Automation, and one of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult centres (MTC).

By working with their partners in BluePlanet, S&A will accelerate and de-risk their time to market for new and innovative equipment and allow them to continue to grow and gain market share from their global competitors.

Benefits to the end user / customer will be flavour and consistency of fruit whereas benefit to the farmer will be higher quality, yield quantity, growing environment and plant vigour."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

S & a Produce (UK) Limited, HEREFORD £495,609 £ 247,805


Capture Automation Limited £228,074 £ 159,652
The Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry £309,448 £ 309,448


10 25 50