RapiPath: Connecting rapid diagnostic testing with the wider dairy supply chain for improved milk yields, disease surveillance and product assurance

Lead Participant: Raft Solutions Limited


The use of diagnostics is widely recognised as a powerful tool for improving animal health as well as food hygiene and safety, with a wide variety of diagnostic tests available using a variety of biochemical and physical techniques. However, a common challenge to most diagnostics tools used in agriculture/veterinary medicine is a lack of ability to interface with the entire supply chain, without considerable efforts from the veterinary surgeon or farmer. As a result, massive inefficiencies in logistics, increased wastage and a lack of evidence for key policy making, especially for the dairy industry exist. In this project, the consortium will attempt to a) expand the impact of _currently available_ diagnostic tests, developed by the consortium and designed to help vets choose a suitable treatment outcome, and targetted antibiotic therapy where appropriate and b) create new targeted modules relevant for the dairy industry. By developing a novel hardware and software solution to collate and share diagnostic results, it is hoped that animal health and welfare will be improved and protected, farm productivity maximised through disease reduction and logistical barriers relating to expression of expected milk yield can be overcome.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Raft Solutions Limited, Ripon £153,092 £ 107,164


OptiSense Limited, Horsham, United Kingdom £281,951 £ 197,366
The Dairy Group Limited, York £41,573 £ 41,573
Fera Science Limited, LONDON £134,372 £ 67,186
Quality Milk Management Services Limited, CHEDDAR £167,474 £ 117,232


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