Hands Free Farm

Lead Participant: Precision Decisions Limited


Hands Free Farm is a collaborative industrial research project aiming to create the technologies required to operate a farm autonomously building on experience, criticism and learning from the Hands Free Hectare. This project will develop swarm robotic skills, smart machines and implements, providing a platform to evaluate technology development and economic studies to build the business case for robotic systems in agriculture. Developing practical solutions that are suitable for use on farm by farmers not software technicians. The project will utilise compact farm equipment to demonstrate the benefit of smaller more precise machines to agriculture and the wider world.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Precision Decisions Limited, YORK £655,732 £ 459,012


AGRI-EPI CENTRE LIMITED, Bedford £91,926 £ 91,926
Harper Adams University, United Kingdom £504,350 £ 504,350
N Blacker & Son £76,016 £ 53,211
Farmscan Ag Limited, Cambridge £670,528 £ 469,370


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