HYPHEN: Hyper Reality Production Tools for Immersive Experiences

Lead Participant: Figment Productions Limited


"This project develops the state-of-the-art in 'Hyper Reality' - a new form of immersive experience that integrates VR technologies, free movement, multi-user social interactions, physical props and sets, 4DFX (e.g., wind, heat) and external motion elements. Hyper Reality is a premium experience designed to be delivered in specialist locations - presenting new market opportunities in Enterprise (e.g. marketing/promotion, training and simulation), Education (e.g. school trips/out-of-classroom learning experiences) and Entertainment (e.g. The VOID's Star War: Secrets of the Empire).

This project concerns two key activities: Firstly, the creation of 'HYPHEN', an integrated design and production toolset to facilitate rapid collaborative, iterative design and production work for Hyper Reality experiences -- offering the potential to both enhance creativity and increase productivity by reducing development and production cycle times and costs. Secondly, to validate HYPHEN and its impact on both productivity and creative outcomes using a location-based Hyper Reality demonstrator with the Royal Opera House - using Verdi's Macbeth, which is a rich and vibrant example well-suited to Hyper Reality. the demonstrator will be used to test public audience responses and assess the final output of the project.

The project involves three quite different collaborators. Figment will undertake the development of HYPHEN and in doing so exploit their significant expertise in the production of this novel form of immersive content. The Royal Opera House will work with Figment to design and develop the Hyper Reality experience based one of its best known operatic performances, Macbeth. This will allow the success of HYPHEN as a creative enabler to be evaluated. Royal Holloway University London provide specialised research support for the project and associated production including assessing audience responses to the demonstrator and evaluating the business opportunities that arise from the production innovations."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Figment Productions Limited, DORKING £775,169 £ 542,618


Royal Opera House Covent Garden Foundation, London £170,550 £ 170,550
Royal Holloway Univ of London, Egham £53,213 £ 53,213


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