Holohub Immersive Learning Toolkit

Lead Participant: Digitalnauts Limited


"Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), collectively known as immersive technologies, is thriving. The technology is currently being utilised in multiple industries, for example, gaming, social media, and training.

However, when it comes to dealing with the enterprise, many challenges (experience, resources or costs) around security and policy prevent studios from servicing the B2B market. This results in a slower adoption of the technology and missed opportunity to exploit its benefits.

Take the training industry for example; it has been well established that people learn best by doing. Practically carrying out a task means that learners are more engaged and will be more likely to retain information. Yet, getting real practice can be difficult, potentially dangerous, and financially constraining.

This is where immersive technologies come in. With the use of virtual and mixed reality headsets, training has become more efficient, effective, and more real than ever before thought possible. **Immersive Learning (IL)** has the power to guide learners through instruction and exploration. These engaging experiences allow users to fail safely and repeat tasks as often as required.

Currently, if businesses want to implement IL, they need to invest in the development of the content, and then try to manage and maintain that content within their business. The immersive learning industry is crying out for a platform that allows creators and businesses to buy, sell, distribute and manage immersive learning content.

Holohub fills this gap by empowering businesses to embrace immersive learning solutions by giving them the platform to distribute training and track performance data across entire organisations. In addition, the Holohub platform includes a marketplace (Holostore) to help businesses procure content, where businesses can purchase industry certified training courses specific to their needs providing an additional customer channel for content publishers.

Holohub is the enterprise solution for Immersive Learning content built to service the needs of Industry 4.0\."

Lead Participant

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Digitalnauts Limited, Glasgow £175,788 £ 123,052


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