Autonomous GPS-free Off-Road Vehicle Navigation Using Low Cost Stereo Vision

Lead Participant: Oxbotica Limited


Oxbotica, an innovation leader in the field of robotics and machine learning will partner with QinetiQ a world leader in the provision of robotics and autonomous systems for complex environments, to deliver a breakthrough in cost effective self-driving solutions for heavy duty off-highway equipment. This will enable benefits in productivity, safety and well-being of operatives to be demonstrated in high value construction, mining and defence applications. Oxbotica's leading edge technology, currently under test with a number of automotive companies and in on-highway CAV projects offers the potential to use a low cost camera-based approach to self-driving, which enables the potential to deal with the much more dynamically changing environments of large construction projects. In this project QinetiQ will develop a conversion kit that enables drive-by-wire control for large off-highway vehicles, and will then integrate it with Oxbotica's Selenium autonomy system. As a part of the project we will run demonstrations that benchmark capability in tough off-road environments and explore deployment into industries ranging from airports to construction to defence. Finally the partners will integrate a fleet-level command and control system that enables many AV's to interact with other varieties of transportation. This will include a goal-based mission planning system that optimises the route the vehicle will take and will factor in dynamic route conditions and constraints to ensure the vehicle progresses safely and efficiently.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Oxbotica Limited, OXFORD £1,994,385 £ 1,196,631


Qinetiq Group Plc, FARNBOROUGH £24,960 £ 12,480
TRL Limited, Wokingham £107,306 £ 107,306


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