AMPERE - Additive Manufacturing for Power-dense Electric motor Enhancements

Lead Participant: Hieta Technologies Ltd


This project aims to utilise Additive Manufacturing (AM) to address the key issues with current electric motor design to deliver step changes in power density. The consortium will build upon the existing class-leading motor architectures from Equipmake and utilise targeted cooling of rotor and stator components. HiETA bring their expertise in thermal management and additive manufacturing, with Altair developing their multi-disciplinary optimisation workflows. The consortium will develop and run a prototype system on a bench test station within Equipmake test facilities.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Hieta Technologies Ltd, WOKINGHAM £582,986 £ 408,090


Altair Engineering Limited, ROYAL LEAMINGTON SPA £335,932 £ 167,966
Equipmake Limited, NORWICH, United Kingdom £864,964 £ 605,475
Ariel Electric Ltd, Crewkerne £214,539 £ 150,178


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