Fabrication Automation for Steel Lattice Trusses (FASTtruss)

Lead Participant: Tata Steel UK Limited


The FASTtruss project is focused on developing a Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) solution for off-site automated production of steel tube lattice-truss fabrications. This innovation will potentially unlock major opportunities for both the UK and export markets.

Currently, lattice trusses are manufactured in a bespoke manner where extensive labour input, manual-handling and limited repeatability present challenges to increasing efficiency. The project will use DfMA to design a suite of standardised steel lattice truss systems which are parameterised for mass-customisation. Furthermore, it will establish the economic viability of creating a fully-automated production facility and a physical proof-of-concept demonstrator that incorporates automated assembly and robotic welding processes.

The technologies developed in this project will initially be used for the development of major structural components for warehouses for both domestic and export markets. However, the technologies are scalable for a very wide range of long span buildings in the public and private sectors, including schools, sports halls, airport terminals, industrial buildings. The project will lead to a streamlined one stop shop process for clients and will demonstrate reductions in costs and delays, together with improvements in productivity and outputs, as well as addressing some of the current skills-shortage in construction.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Tata Steel UK Limited, London, United Kingdom £214,441 £ 107,220


Bryden Wood Technology Limited, London £128,629 £ 77,177
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £150,001 £ 150,001


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