High-T Hall

Lead Participant: Paragraf Ltd


The aim of Project High-T Hall is to demonstrate an integrated UK supply chain solution for advanced Hall sensing within PEMD. This would bring together a UK SME (Paragraf Ltd.) as the Hall sensor die producer, TT Electronics (Semelab and AeroStanew) to provide bespoke packaging solutions and Rolls Royce as the end user/customer of the devices. Technical engineering will be provided additionally by the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult (CSAC) Power Electronics and Advance Packaging teams. Project High-T Hall focus' on Hall sensors operating in harsh environments of elevated temperature, to measure switching frequencies of and ultimately control electric motors and generators. In essence, High-T Hall will bring together the necessary Hall sensing supply chain elements, integrated through UK packaging capability, and then evaluate performance at temperature in a state-of-the art SiC-based Aerospace application. High-T Hall would be disseminated through the CSAC professional networks, at industry events and press.

The output of the project will be an enabled supply chain that would be geared up to support harsh environment PEMD systems. Furthermore, graphene has been much touted as a material which is capable of solving many issues in different electronic devices

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Paragraf Ltd £607,636 £ 261,283


Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult Limited, Cardiff £159,798 £ 159,798
Semelab Limited, Lutterworth, United Kingdom
Rolls-Royce Plc, United Kingdom £300,000 £ 126,000
Aero Stanrew Limited, BARNSTAPLE £190,881 £ 82,078


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