Intricate composite structures with low flammability using a bio-based polymer


This project will develop the materials, design and processing technologies required for the next generation of lightweight, low cost, sustainable aircraft seats. The aircraft seating market is growing rapidly (forecast value $12 billion by 2027, Markets and Markets, 2019) and manufacturers are under severe pressure to increase production rates and reduce costs, whilst reducing weight, adding value and differentiating through design and materials. Current aluminium seats are relatively heavy and limited in design, whilst composite seat manufacturing is relatively expensive, inefficient and impactful to the environment. This project will develop a novel, low cost, sustainable composite material, along with compression moulding and in-mould decoration techniques. This will enable seats to be designed with complex geometry and optimal weight, and components to be moulded and finished rapidly and to net-shape. The outcome will be a novel technology package, incorporating material, design and manufacturing, for the production of the next generation of aircraft seats and other parts. This will generate significant revenue and highly skilled jobs for the UK industry.

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Composites Evolution Limited, Chesterfield £284,293 £ 199,005


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