Institutional Trust, Secure and Scalable Sharing of Clinical Data in Healthcare Systems



To develop a model and implement a prototype of a distributed ledger for trustworthy, secure and scalable sharing of medical data using blokchain technology as a preparation for commercialization and spinning-out of a new start-up company.

Key Objectives

• Identify participating institutions and establish contacts with potential partners
• Analyse the need for shared data and formulate requirements
• Specify a typical scenario for communication in generation, sharing and using clinical data
• Formulate a value proposition for addressing the needs of the organisations involved
• Perform an initial market research of the proposed solution
• Validate the proposed solution against the market segments identified

Main areas of focus

• Organisations, needs for external collaborations and role within the healthcare system
• Clinical data, operations and trust with respect to collaborative medical information processing
• Information, models and data access rights with respect to security and privacy of the information
• Costs, prices and potential market for collaborative solutions based on blockchain technologies


• Based on trustworthy sharing of the information rather than data exchange
• Uses homomorphic encryption rather than data anonymization
• Utilizes open Catalyst framework for extendibility and scalability without IPR restrictions
• Relies on the expert support from UK/Ireland Blockchain Group and the vendor of Catalyst Framework

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom £29,500 £ 29,500


10 25 50