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ASTRAEA is a unique programme that aims to open up new aerospace markets.
The aim is to:
Enable the routine use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in all classes of airspace without the need for restrictive or special conditions of operation
Develop and demonstrate key technologies and operating procedures required to open up the airspace
Support the development of the regulatory framework for this new class of operation
Autonomy and Decision Making tackles the intelligence in the vehicle through a qualifiable variable autonomy system that shares decision making for the mission and contingency management with the human operator. This includes autonomous prognostics and health management of the vehicle systems. These technologies are potentially generic in nature although the project application will be airborne. The project includes elements of demonstration and interaction with the CAA regulator.
The technologies developed could also find application in manned aircraft. For example, increasing situation awareness for pilots or potentially enabling single crew operation of large aircraft.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Bae Systems (Operations) Limited, Farnborough, United Kingdom £3,846,370 £ 624,650


Flight Refuelling Limited, DORSET £2,550,277 £ 500,147
Agent Oriented Software Limited, CAMBRIDGE £799,801 £ 399,901
Rolls-Royce plc, United Kingdom £5,675,799 £ 690,745
QinetiQ Limited, Farnborough £2,730,988 £ 950,384


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