The Rise and Decline of the Scottish Radical Tradition from the 1880s to the 1930s

Lead Research Organisation: University of Dundee
Department Name: History


The project investigated the emergence of a distinctive brand of political radicalism in Scotland, between the late 1880s and mid 1920s and considered it precipitous decline by the early 1930s. This involved an examination of the impact of political radicalism as an explanation for the growing militancy of Scottish workers before, during and after the Great War, the emergence of the Independence labour Party as the main socialist party in Scotland after 1918, the impact of the Russian Revolution on the Scottish working class and politics in Scotland, and sought to explain why Scottish radicals were so prominent in the leadership of the trade union and labour movement and in the intellectual vanguard of radical-left labour and revolutionary politics in Scotland, Britain and the Empire.
The result of the project will be a book produced and published by Edinburgh University Press (EUP) sometime in the winter of 2007.


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