Agile Wing Integration (AWI)

Lead Participant: Airbus Operations Limited


The Commercial Air Transport Industry is about to undergo a step-change to meet future economic, mobility and environmental challenges. This proposal is submitted as part of a wider set of Overall Aircraft Design projects under the Airbus Wing of the Future Research Programme and it aims to position Airbus and its partners at the forefront of this change by developing rapid, world-beating Wing Design and Integration capability and solutions for use during the early phases of an aircraft product development cycle.

The project will achieve this by building on the 4 themes of:
- Conceptual Definition,
- Design and Integration,
- Demonstration/Validation,
- Learning

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Airbus Operations Limited, BRISTOL £9,419,561 £ 2,670,919


Airbus Group Limited, LONDON £2,720,922 £ 1,224,415
Marshall of Cambridge Aerospace Limited, CAMBRIDGE £541,635 £ 270,818
University of Bristol, United Kingdom £2,382,730 £ 2,382,730
Loughborough College Loughborough
Cranfield University, United Kingdom £1,334,925 £ 1,334,925


10 25 50