Meggitt Modular Modifiable Manufacturing (M4)

Lead Participant: Meggitt Aerospace Limited


Meggitt Modular Modifiable Manufacturing (M4) introduces Object Oriented Manufacturing to the manufacture of highly bespoke, complex, high performance products that characterise UK aerospace manufacturing today.
Working with the AMRC and MTC Catapults, and IBM UK, Meggitt will research the application of new manufacturing technologies to provide unprecedented flexibility and utilisation in a next-generation factory environment. AMRC will combine its expertise in advanced manufacturing methods with MTC's expertise in factory automation and control, to develop next generation factory concepts, combining flexible, automated, interactive workstations with real-time optimisation of the overall factory and flow, with autonomous movement of products within the factory. IBM will provide the underlying manufacturing data architecture allowing new levels of process and product analytics, and supporting continuous optimisation of the manufacturing process, at product and factory levels.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Meggitt Aerospace Limited, CHRISTCHURCH £2,470,756 £ 468,194


Ibm Limited, Portsmouth £984,576 £ 492,288
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £747,953 £ 747,953
The Manufacturing Technology Centre Limited, COVENTRY £786,413 £ 786,413


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