WIng DesigN methodologY validation (WINDY)

Lead Participant: Airbus Operations Limited


Forecasts indicate the need for almost 30,000 new commercial aircraft between now and 2032. Market success

will depend on delivering the product that customers demand (in terms of cost and performance). With this

volume of potential sales it is essential to ensure that technical risk is minimised as failure to meet product

targets could prove commercially difficult. Innovative wing design methodologies will need to be developed to

deliver the required product solutions. Such solutions will also need to embrace novel manufacturing

processes, such as additive manufacture. The WINDY project will carry out a programme of research into

innovative approaches to wing design and manufacturing processes, as well as undertaking a programme of

validation testing in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of future application. The consortium includes

airframe designers, manufacturing process specialists and academic researchers.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Airbus Operations Limited, BRISTOL £10,357,623 £ 4,624,492


Airbus Group Limited, LONDON £896,098 £ 401,841
Future Advanced Manufacture Ltd, CHELTENHAM £1,303,359 £ 782,015
Renishaw P L C, GLOUCESTERSHIRE £2,627,282 £ 1,313,641
University of Bristol, United Kingdom £379,352 £ 379,352
Aircraft Research Association Limited, BEDS £1,435,000 £ 717,500
Cranfield University, United Kingdom £568,967 £ 568,967


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