CEMZEP - Cryogenic Engines for Mobile Zero Emission Power


CEMZEP would develop the Dearman Engine - a unique, UK-based, zero emission technology that can significantly reduce the environmental impact of a growing number of heavy goods vehicles and buses on the world's roads. Initialy it can replace lightly regulated and polluting diesel engines in global transport refrigeration. The technology can then be applied to auxiliary power and cooling units for the global bus and coach market, where up to 40% of fuel can be used to provide A/C. In more efficient form, it can provide propulsion either as a prime mover or as a hybrid with an ICE, fuel cell or battery system, delivering up to 20% fuel savings. The project builds on substantial private and UK Government investment, working with the UK supply chain to research improvements to the technology, its applications and manufacturing techniques;
creating substantial exports and significant numbers of jobs. Crucially, as a low cost zero emision technology, the Dearman Engine can have an immediate impact on diesel emisions, while supporting the introduction of electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells and putting the UK at the forefront of real world emissions reduction.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Dearman Engine Company Limited, London £10,497,091 £ 3,673,982


Wessington Cryogenics Limited, HOUGHTON LE SPRING £829,524 £ 290,333
Loughborough College Loughborough £880,037 £ 880,037
Air Products Public Limited Company, WALTON ON THAMES £298,175 £ 105,000
Productiv Limited, COVENTRY £640,960 £ 258,371
Hubbard Products Limited, Otley £2,291,005 £ 797,773


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