Flexible Lightweight Architecture for Volume Applications (FLAVA)

Lead Participant: Penso Consulting Ltd


The Flexible Lightweight Architecture for Volume Applications (FLAVA) project will enable the UK low/medium
volume auto sector to implement & integrate carbon composite multi-material flexible modular solutions
within Body in White structures. Materials & manufacturing process innovations resulting from the project offer substantial weight savings, enhanced flexibility in design, significant assembly & logistics benefits & enable adoption of a flexible powertrain strategy at an investment & unit cost that can support a viable business case. These benefits will lead to reduced tail-pipe & logistics CO2 emissions, on-shoring of high value manufacturing capability and development of the UK composite supply chain whilst enabling enhanced competitiveness of low/medium luxury vehicles to maintain & grow export sales.The project will demonstrate the capability of the supply chain, materials & manufacturing processes to meet Automotive OEM quality & production rate requirements and for the integration of significant composite structural content in standard paint and vehicle assembly lines whilst supporting the wider UK composite strategy for growth.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Penso Consulting Ltd, Coventry £13,825,168 £ 7,185,533


Bentley Motors Limited, Crewe £531,231 £ 207,446
Unknown, United Kingdom
Cytec Industrial Materials (Derby) Limited, HEANOR £1,395,174 £ 570,624


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