Digital Propulsion (DigiProp)

Lead Participant: GE Aviation Systems Limited


The demand for cleaner, cheaper and yet more comfortable air travel is prominent in today’s world of increasing passenger numbers. It is forecast that there will be an increase in turboprop aircraft satisfying the demand for short and medium distances as the fuel savings compared to regional jets will outweigh the slight speed advantage they have. It is therefore essential that propulsion technology for turboprop aircraft continues to improve and contributes towards the goals established in the Aerospace Technology Institute’s strategy and the Flight path 2050 targets. Digital Propulsion is a project with world leading partners, led by Dowty Propellers that will ensure that UK organisations are leading the way for the world in this field. It will utilise the most up to date design and manufacturing methods to not only reduce costs, but also increase performance. Emitted noise will be reduced, improving the passenger experience. Futuristic blade design along with improved lighter control systems will contribute towards fuel savings. The most advanced manufacturing technology will be utilised to increase production while reducing the cost of manufacture. All of the work packages in Digital Propulsion will embed the Digital Thread. This is a web of data that creates the manufacturing health record of machines, which includes data from everything to operator logs to weather patterns, and can be added to as needed. From the start of a customer engagement, through manufacturing at GE's "Brilliant Factories," to the servicing of our products, we're weaving together our processes and technology for productivity gains.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

GE Aviation Systems Limited, Cheltenham, United Kingdom £14,583,098 £ 4,564,656


University of Sheffield (AMRC), Rotherham £1,128,310 £ 1,128,310
Ncc Operations Limited, EMERSONS GREEN £1,450,382 £ 1,450,382
Manufacturing Technology Centre, COVENTRY £2,567,319 £ 2,567,319


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