Wing Integrated Assembly Demonstrator (WIreD)

Lead Participant: Airbus Operations Limited


The ATI funded ‘Wing Design, Manufacture & Assembly’ project which ended in March 2017, delivered technology solutions for a high-rate / high production volume CFRP wing for a single-aisle aircraft, covering the domains of; concept, design, CFRP component manufacture, wing assembly and industrial system concept. In order to achieve the exploitation date required by Airbus product strategy, these technologies need to be integrated into an overall wing configuration at TRL 6 before the end of 2021.

This proposal relates to a project which, will provide physical validation at full-scale of high-rate CFRP wing assembly and equipping at high production rate. The scope is full wing component assembly, systems equipping and test in a representative industrial environment. This level of validation is essential in order to mitigate the key risks involved when ramping-up actual production at high-rate of innovative major integrated CFRP components.

‘Wing of the Future’ is based around an innovative CFRP wing concept optimised for high aerodynamic and structural performance. Low recurring-cost will be secured via integrated CFRP components and lean industrial system (out-of-autoclave, modular assembly / equipping). The demonstrator will comprise a 17m lateral-box joined to centre wing-box (supplied from Airbus France), landing-gear and pylon interfaces, representative Flight Control, High Lift and Fuel systems equipment.

The wing-box will be an integrated component (resulting in significant reduction in drilling and fastening operations) made from formed dry-fibre material infused and cured out-of-autoclave. Trial assembly and equipping will be carried-out in a representative pre-production environment. Full-scale trials are essential to ensure that the concepts are fully de-risked and robust enough to launch into rapid industrial ramp-up and high-rate production. Furthermore, it is key that tolerance capability of the wing build-concept is validated; this aspect has been a major challenge to rate capability in previous development programmes.

Spirit AeroSystems will apply its vastly experienced engineering capability to develop innovative design configurations for primary wing structures and movables that will form an integral part of the wing assembly. State of the art design principles will be applied by Spirit to optimise the use of the next generation material systems driving greater part integration and modularity. Given the high production-rate targets, the advanced engineering and technology solutions will be developed in unison with industrialisation.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Airbus Operations Limited, BRISTOL £23,135,792 £ 11,567,896


Spirit AeroSystems (Europe) Limited, London, United Kingdom £7,807,278 £ 3,903,639


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