HIPERCARII - Enhancing Manufacturability of a High Performance REEV with Microturbine Range Extender


It is forecast that by 2025 40% of passenger vehicle sales will feature some form of electrification. Risk averse global manufacturers need their supply chain to deliver proven, market ready low carbon technologies to meet rapidly changing consumer demands and legislative requirements. HIPERCAR 2 takes the results of successful R&D projects, progressing five of them from TRL5 to 8, and MRL4 to 6: 1) 35kW microturbine range extender. 2) High power, lightweight, low cost electric motor. 3) Cooled battery system & BMS. 4) High performance inverter & inverter/charger. 5) Lightweight multi-material chassis. The successful integration of the technologies on a single platform will validate performance, durability and manufacturability proving readiness to progress to production. This will create a route to low, medium & high volume markets between 2019-27, delivering significant environmental and economic benefit, using technologies which are IP anchored and manufactured in the UK. The IDP10 HIPERCAR consortium of Ariel, Delta Motorsport and Equipmake is joined by new partners GKN, Johnson Matthey and Semikron

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ariel Motor Company (Automotive) Limited, Crewkerne £3,759,581 £ 1,879,791


Johnson Matthey Plc, LONDON £217,144 £ 108,572
GKN Hybrid Power Limited, Redditch £505,646 £ 252,823
Semikron Limited, HERTFORD £81,684 £ 28,593
Delta Cosworth Limited, Northampton £5,104,769 £ 2,552,385
Equipmake Limited, NORWICH, United Kingdom £2,713,925 £ 1,356,963


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