Advanced Integrated and Cooled Electric Drive - ACeDrive

Lead Participant: GKN Hybrid Power Limited


The ACeDrive project aims to develop a 2030 generation eDrive power train but for production by 2023, in so

doing it will hasten the displacement of the internal combustion engine, enable manufactures both to gain

greater range and performance from their vehicles and lower the cost to the consumer.

Project ACeDrive consortium is comprised of GKN Innovation Centre, part of GKN Driveline, the foremost

global eDrive gearbox supplier, Drive System Design (DSD) renowned SME automotive engineering

consultancy and University of Nottingham (UoN), the UK hub and centre of excellence for electric drive

development. ACeDrive builds on the consortium knowhow from previously funded projects in high-speed

electric machines and will develop genuinely globally important IP for the UK and grow our capability in the

design and manufacture of high volume power electronics and electric motors.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

GKN Hybrid Power Limited, Redditch £5,036,649 £ 1,743,185


University of Nottingham, United Kingdom £1,392,905 £ 1,392,905
Drive System Design Limited, LEAMINGTON SPA £1,573,198 £ 865,259


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