Delivering Wideband Radio-Frequency (RF) digitising transceiver for aircraft communication

Lead Participant: Aceaxis Limited


For the UK to remain at the forefront of aeronautical wideband communications, development of advanced communication transceivers is a necessity.

This project researches a very wideband Radio-Frequency digitising transceiver for use within high data rate aeronautical communication systems. The work will result in a novel leading-edge wideband transceiver design, incorporating highly innovative RF power amplifier and filter technologies. This unique radio transceiver will use advanced digital signal processing algorithms to optimise analogue RF components, and ensure optimal trade-off between size, weight, power consumption, communications performance and flexibility.

It will build upon patented digital pre-distortion algorithms minimising power consumption while maximising data throughput, essential for supporting wider bandwidths. The outcome will constitute significant progress towards a practical and unique solution for future aeronautical broadband wireless communications. It will significantly advance the availability of new, compact, multi-frequency transceiver units supporting substantially higher data rates. This work will further strengthen work already carried out by the project partners and thereby extend UK's leadership in this area.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Aceaxis Limited, Swindon £700,000 £ 350,000


Thales UK Limited £300,000 £ 150,000


10 25 50