CELEB 2 - Cost Effective Electric Bus

Lead Participant: Equipmake Limited


Public description
This project brings together 3 UK SME's Equipmake Ltd, Potenza Technology and EPS, to develop a ground breaking electric bus architecture which will significantly improve the efficiency of electric buses, reducing their cost and hence accelerating uptake. This will result in cities getting cleaner air more quickly than would have been the case before.

The project will deliver a fully integrated electric bus drivetrain and heating, cooling and ventilation system (HVAC), which will reduce energy consumption by over 30% compared with existing technologies. Four vehicles will be produced with the system during the project. These vehicles will be trialled within the next 2 years in London and Buenos Aires.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Equipmake Limited, NORWICH, United Kingdom £5,187,860 £ 2,593,930


Potenza Technology Limited, Kings Norton £1,330,711 £ 665,356
Environmental Process Systems Ltd., HATFIELD £892,656 £ 446,328
Sunamp Limited, United Kingdom


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