Tenbee - A Boron-10 lined Neutron Detection System for Waste Array

Lead Participant: Hr Nuffield Limited


The well publicised global shortage of 3He has enforced a search for alternative neutron detector technologies across industries spanning nuclear power generation, oil & gas exploration, homeland security, medical imaging and Physics research
Clustered 10B-lined proportional counters are gaining credibility as an alternative detector in the security sector and show potential for use in fuel cycle facilities. Key attributes include a sensitivity of >70% compared to a 3atm 3He tube.The TenBee collaboration has been formed using funding from the UK Technology Strategy Board’s recent Nuclear R&D feasibility studies competition. The aim of the collaboration is to understand the potential for using 10B-lined detector clusters to meet the need of the UK civil nuclear industry for neutron assay applications envisaging a future without 3He. The project ran for one year from November 2010 and delivered demonstrator technology and a feasibility report. A key element to ensure that the work was relevant to the real needs of the UK nuclear industry was to ensure that we captured the requirements and views of as many industry participants as possible.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Hr Nuffield Limited, SOUTHAMPTON £50,775 £ 38,081


Centronic Limited, NEW ADDINGTON £37,500 £ 28,125
Leonardo MW Ltd £47,500 £ 35,625


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