Recycling of tracked electric vehicle Li-ion batteries

Lead Participant: TRL Limited


TRL are the lead partner of a consortium consisting of Axeon Technologies, Oakdene Hollins and University of Sheffield, undertaking a feasibility study on the recycling of electric vehicle Lithium ion batteries. The main focus of the feasibility study is to identify a cost effective method for recycling of automotive Lithium-Ion batteries and to understand whether it can contribute to reducing the initial purchase price of EVs in the UK. In doing so, the project aims to develop a battery tracking and state of health monitoring methodology which, combined with the identification of the possible value of recoverable raw materials from an EV battery, will allow the development of a model to determine when it is cost effective to recycle an EV battery.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer



TRL Limited, Wokingham
Oakdene Hollins Ltd., AYLESBURY £16,694 £ 12,520
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £15,050 £ 15,050
Johnson Matthey Battery Systems Engineering Limited, LONDON £20,683 £ 13,443




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