Recycling and Re-use of Polymer Lithium Sulphur Batteries

Lead Participant: OXIS Energy Limited


OXIS Energy Ltd. is currently in the process of designing and developing a prototype battery module incorporating OXIS Energy’s proprietary Lightweight Polymer Lithium Sulphur (Li-S) electrochemistry. This breakthrough battery technology has the potential to replace Li-ion batteries as the main battery technology in electric vehicles. The feasibility study aims to determine: i) whether there are viable possibilities for finding second life applications for the new battery chemistry of Polymer Lithium Sulphur, once a battery is no longer suitable for its first intended use as an electric vehicle battery; ii) the viability of a recycling process that will meet European recycling efficiency standards (currently 50%) once the Lithium Sulphur batteries do reach the end of their useful life and are declared waste.

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OXIS Energy Limited, Abingdon, United Kingdom
G. & P. Batteries Limited, MATLOCK £30,647 £ 19,000




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