Smart Community Platform for Transport and Logistics


The Internet of Things will enable the Transport and Logistics sector to become increasingly smart; Both in the way infrastructure is planned and managed and how individual users use relevant information in real-time; optimising their decision making. The data assets of the sector are complex and growing with many data consumers and data providers. These include both machine and people generated sources e.g. sensors, social media etc. The challenge is to create an environment where data providers have incentives to share data and application and service providers have access to it.
This project is focussed on analysing the commercial, technological and legal requirements for an environment where smart transport applications and business process improvement can be generated by exploiting a critical mass of diverse, real-time and historical data. The project will explore how to create an end-to-end value chain with a particular focus on identifying how to get started and determining which components are replicable in other sectors

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British Telecommunications Public Limited Company, London




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