Printing Graphene – from lab to market

Lead Participant: DZP Technologies Limited


This project aims to investigate the feasibility for producing printed graphene - a novel material which is formed of essentially a single layer of carbon atoms and which displays unique conductive and optical properties. Printed graphene can be used in the fabrication of plastic electronic and optoelectronic devices such as large area flexible displays, thin-film photo-voltaics, sensors for healthcare and environmental monitoring, and “smart skin” for robotics and entertainment. More specifically, our project will develop new graphene inks for use in flexographic, gravure and screen printing which are established methods for industrial large-area roll-to-roll printing. The project further includes characterisation of the obtained printed graphene, and its integration into thin film devices, where it will be used to replace the expensive indium tin oxide (ITO) as a transparent conductor.

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DZP Technologies Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom


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