Aligned viscose reinforcements for high performance biocomposites - VISCOCOMP


The Viscocomp project will develop a new generation of high performance, renewable reinforcements for biocomposites, based on regenerated cellulose fibres such as high tenacity viscose. These fibres, whilst 100% derived from renewable cellulose (e.g. wood), have the appearance, quality and consistency of synthetic fibres and higher impact resistance and potentially lower cost than natural bast fibres such as flax. Therefore Viscocomp will significantly increase the uptake of sustainable natural fibres as replacements to synthetic fibres such as glass and carbon which are heavier, non-renewable and have high embodied energy. This will reduce the environmental impact of a range of products in the automotive, marine, mass transport and construction sector, during manufacture, use and at end-of-life.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Composites Evolution Limited, Chesterfield £31,092 £ 23,319


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