Additive high resolution metal printing for integrated plastic electronics

Lead Participant: DZP Technologies Limited


The emerging field of printed plastic electronics has the potential to dramatically change our lives by introducing new consumer products, medical devices, cars and airplanes that are light-weight, energy efficient, and produced in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way. However, the availability of additive, digital methods for metal patterning remains one of the limiting factors for the successful introduction of plastic electronics in the market place. In this project, we will investigate the application of our proprietary technology, Laser Ink Transfer for Plastic Electronic Devices (LITPED), in the fabrication of high resolution metal patterns for use in miniaturised plastic electronics. We will produce a demonstrator of the technology and demonstrate micro-electronics devices and solar cells that incorporate patterned components produced with the LITPED technology.

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DZP Technologies Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom


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