MAchine Guided Energy Efficient Compilation (MAGEEC)

Lead Participant: Embecosm Limited


All computer systems depend upon compilers to convert programs into a binary format that computer hardware can execute (known as an executable). This compilation process needs to generate executables that are as efficient as possible. To date, compilers have emphasised speed of the executable. Building on the UK's existing leadership in this field, this project will create a prototype infrastructure for existing compilers to instead generate executables which minimise the energy used by the computer hardware. This will be the first time anyone has attempted this. We will then try to improve existing compilers to further reduce the energy consumption of the executables, so delivering cost, environmental and battery life benefits. While the consortium will gain directly in reputation and commercial advantage, the results of this project will be open source and thus freely available, helping the wider UK engineering community to maintain their leadership in this field.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Embecosm Limited, Lymington £105,907 £ 78,752


University of Bristol, United Kingdom £45,497 £ 44,998


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