Simulated Wake Effects Platform for Turbines (SWEPT)

Lead Participant: Zenotech Ltd


The Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) identifies CFD based turbine wake models as an important route to delivering improved efficiency and longevity of offshore wind farms. Including improvements to the support structure loads and lifespan, we identify a potential 2.3% energy cost reduction. Recent advances in GPU based CFD methods developed for the aerospace and automotive sectors is over 20x faster and more cost effective than existing CPU-based CFD systems. SWEPT brings together global renewables leader GL Garrad Hassan, CFD expert Bristol University and HPC / simulation specialist SME Zenotech. We will establish the industrial feasibility of including a new turbine model into zCFD for use in delivering lower cost of energy offshore wind farms. Significant spillover benefits will follow via customization for on-shore wind farms, hydrodynamic turbine farms and civil engineering in the renewable sector.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Zenotech Ltd, CHEPSTOW £67,145 £ 50,359


Garrad Hassan Group Limited, BRISTOL £67,679 £ 43,991
University of Bristol, United Kingdom £11,505 £ 11,505


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