Development of a range of advanced thin film coatings for fibre-optic hydrophones.

Lead Participant: Precision Acoustics Limited


This project is collaboration between Precision Acoustics, a specialist hydrophone manufacturer, and Helia Photonics, a leading optical coatings specialist. The aim is to produce novel thin film coatings on single mode optical fibres in order to develop a range of new ultrasound sensors for use in medical and NDT markets. The new coatings and sensors will enable Helia Photonics and Precision Acoustics to expand their relative markets and cement their positions as leaders in the global marketplace.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Precision Acoustics Limited, Dorchester £63,812 £ 38,287


Helia Photonics Limited, Livingston £75,214 £ 45,001


10 25 50