Interoperability of energy harvesting, storage and use


This feasibility study project is an opportunity to investigate the ways in which multiple strands of energy delivery, renewable and conventional generation and storage technologies can be integrated and create a flexible and dynamic resource for balancing community area energy use and environment in ways that will deliver new economics in energy delivery. Such systems are dependent on digital networks as well as energy ones and because of the heterogeneity of the systems to be used, new approaches to interoperability will be essential. Further, it will provide the framework for the deployment of the project ideas in a large scale implementation across a reference community or area of UK that would demonstrate to the many industries potentially engaged in this area the benefits of the approach.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Edf Energy R&d UK Centre Limited, LONDON £27,428 £ 17,821


Critical Software Technologies Limited, SOUTHAMPTON £5,927 £ 3,852
Smart Homes & Buildings Association Limited, LONDON £5,623 £ 5,623


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