feasibiLity of rapId modification of liGht emitting electrocHemical cell formulaTions to produce emission spectra on demand (LIGHT)

Lead Participant: Polyphotonix Limited


In this feasibility study, the ability to rapidly produce light emitting organic formulations with a tailored or bespoke emission spectra through intermixing of various emitter species will be undertaken. Instead of manufacturing long chain, multi-functional group, electroluminescent polymers with a complex, slow and expensive synthesis path, we will study the feasibility of using accurate formulations of a number of emitters to tailor the emission spectra. Should this prove feasible, then it would be possible to 'dial up' a particular emission spectrum by rapidly formulating known electroluminescent polymer or small molecule constituents. This will allow rapid prototyping of organic light emitting devices for a number of different niches, including but not limited to, medical devices for phototherapy.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Polyphotonix Limited, SEDGEFIELD £69,759 £ 52,319


Centre for Process Innovation Limited, REDCAR £29,896 £ 29,896


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