Smart Clean

Lead Participant: In Touch Limited


The Project is a feasibility study to determine how valid it may be to use environmental data combined with traffic volume and behaviour, in using this to reasonably predict potential 'hot spots' where water pollution may be likley to occur at problematic levels as a result of toxins from roads.
Where toxins are forecast to cause a detriment to waterways impacting aquatic life and vegetation, this information may be used to inform highways maintenance operatoral decisions in terms of what maintenance activities to carry out and at what point in time, taking into account the type of toxins, upcoming rainfall, locations to sensitive waterways and so on. This study will determine the viabilty of this approach to enable smarter maintenance of UK Roads and Gullies.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

In Touch Limited, Morecombe £138,545 £ 103,909


Carillion LGS Limited, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom £24,101 £ 15,666
Lancaster University £37,340 £ 37,340


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