Project SMART: Sub-surface MArking of Ringpull Tabs

Lead Participant: Crown Packaging UK Limited


Crown is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal packaging for food, beverage, household, promotional and industrial products in the world. Its position is maintained by constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enhace their customers' brands through the packaging, and by bringing those enhancements to market. This project will allow Crown to incorporate brand building packaging innovation by the incorporation of a novel, laser-marking technology into their production lines. The result will be a new and innovative way of manufacturing and enhancing metal can ends. The project is being carried out in partnership with OpTek Ltd., a UK based SME engineering company with an excellent track record in developing laser applications and integration into a diverse range of industries.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

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Crown Packaging UK Limited, CARLISLE
OpTek Limited, United Kingdom £118,230 £ 88,673




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