FAST-LAPS- Fast LAser Precision Sintering

Lead Participant: Intrinsiq Materials Limited


Printed electronics offers a revolution in the manufacturing of electronic circuit boards proving a lower cost, more environmentally friendly process using less power & creating significantly lower waste. The overall market is forecasted to continue growing from €0.40 Bn in 2010 to €3.78 Bn in 2016 and has been broadly recognised as an opportunity for the UK & Europe to reduce the current electronics manufacturing trade deficit with the Far East which is currently at €100 Bn. Underpinning all of electronics are the conductive track structures that connect the active components such as; transistors, capacitors and resistors. To ensure cost effective processing, copper, which is ~1% of the current silver price, is required. However, to enable the use of copper and to prevent oxidation, rapid sintering methods are required. This proposal demonstrates the use of laser technology as a high volume production process to enable realisation of the conductive ink market and builds on the UK’s leading position in already supplying these materials to a broad customer base.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Intrinsiq Materials Limited, United Kingdom £119,975 £ 89,975


University of Liverpool, United Kingdom £40,683 £ 40,683


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