AGRI-AP: Applied Graphics and Rendering Innovation for Agricultural Precision

Lead Participant: Soilessentials Limited


This project will develop a radically new software technology by exploiting cutting-edge computation for complex data analyses, for application in precision agriculture. Soil Essentials, a precision farming SME, will produce an integrated software solution to present high-resolution field data to growers and agronomists to inform early decision making. This will directly address the clear identifiable need for new ICT innovation to tackle the current and future agricultural data explosion. This will transform in-field crop monitoring to improve efficiency & profitability of the farming industry, thereby enabling the provision of healthier, more affordable food for future generations. The core software platform is sector-cross cutting and can equally be applied to other spatial data-rich industries such as environmental monitoring and homeland security.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Soilessentials Limited, Brechin £32,000 £ 24,000


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