Superoptimizing compilers: Evaluation of feasibility of commercial deployment

Lead Participant: Embecosm Limited


Compilers translate software into code executed by actual processors, but that translation is not always as efficient as desired. Superoptimization exhaustively searches to find the most efficient translation (in terms of code size, execution speed and energy efficiency). We believe with increased computer power and significant advances in techniques that enable superoptimization, it may be practical to offer this technique on a commercial basis.

This feasibility study will explore techniques for deploying superoptimization in a commercial context. In the event of success (far from guaranteed – this is high risk), Embecosm and the UK's reputation for excellence in compilers will be further enhanced, helping to attract additional business from around the world.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Embecosm Limited, Lymington £32,966 £ 24,725


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