Laser assisted graphene patterning

Lead Participant: Dzp Technologies Limited


The emerging graphene industry is now producing its first generation of products and prototypes. However, many of the potentially outstanding applications of graphene remain unexploited because of the lack of reliable, industrial processing methods for the integration of graphene into functional electronic, optical, and sensing devices. This project aims to develop a new graphene deposition method, using our laser transfer technology to produce graphene patterns of high resolution and high purity. Such patterns may find applications in miniaturised electronics, ultra-sensitive sensors, RF transistors, ultra-high frequency computing, integrated circuits, logic, and memory. Our technology offers a unique solution which may help develop the graphene supply chain by providing a critical link for graphene processing, bridging the gap between graphene manufacture and end users.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Dzp Technologies Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom £32,850 £ 24,638


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