Ultra low cost 3D printed wireless spectrometer for process control

Lead Participant: Is-Instruments Limited


Spectrometers are becoming an increasing common tool for analysing processes in a variety of sectors, including steel and glass manufacture. Typically these systems are used to make reflectance or flame spectroscopy measurements to determine the quantities of materials used in a given process. There is a desire to make wider use of these systems in a variety of applications in a network of sensors to monitor a given process. However good quality spectrometers are still expensive (> £2 K) and thus using multiple such systems is not practical.
The target of this project is to investigate the feasibility of producing a good quality spectrometer using modern manufacturing techniques with an on board computer to provide wireless control, all for a target sale price of < £ 300. A demonstrator will be built during the programme to investigate directly the performance of the proposed device.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Is-Instruments Limited, Tonbridge, United Kingdom £33,000 £ 24,750


10 25 50