Graphene electrodes for automotive supercapacitor energy storage (GRAPHELEC)

Lead Participant: DZP Technologies Limited


The GRAPELEC project will address the key questions about practical graphene performance in a real supercapacitor device. The consortium is led by DZP Technologies and University of Warwick – WMG. R&D activities include graphene inks production, electrode formulations and integration of graphene inks into electrodes for subsequent manufacturing of supercapacitor pouch cell. The targeted application of such a device is energy storage for low carbon vehicles. Other application areas can be anticipated in electricity grid balancing and consumer portable electronics. This project aims to benefit both academic and industry communities in the translation of technology discovered in the lab into the hands of industry. It will impact the UK energy storage communities by becoming potential leaders in the realisation of a technological-scale graphene-enabled supercapacitor pouch cell.

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DZP Technologies Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom


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