DepLaH - High Voltage (HV) Lateral Depletion MOSFET for Compact Energy Efficient Medical Applications


Within the DepLaH project we will develop an advanced 1000V rated lateral depletion MOSFET (normally “on” device) and use it to build an application demonstrator for implantable medical device which will have significantly longer lifetime and lower energy consumption than existing solutions. For the first time we will design and fabricate 1000V rated depletion MOSFETs (depMOS), design a new application circuit based on depMOS approach and build an application demonstrator. The new circuit will consume less battery power thus increasing the product lifetime and reducing frequency of replacement surgery. The circuit optimised for depMOS will require fewer components compared to the existing solutions which use enhancement (normally “off”) MOSFETs which will improve medical product reliability and reduce its size making it more comfortable for patients.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Cambridge Microelectronics Ltd, CAMBRIDGE £79,983 £ 59,987


Microsemi Semiconductor Limited, Bristol £29,255 £ 19,016
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom £40,000 £ 40,000


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