TWISTER: Titanium Wire for Innovative Spring Technologies and Emissions Reduction


TWISTER seeks a step change in cost reduction of titanium wire for springs by demonstrating an innovative continuous direct manufacturing process applied to both engine valve springs and suspension springs. The UK invented process consolidates low cost particulates directly to wire. Titanium springs are more efficient and less dense than steel springs leading to more efficient combustion engines and lower CO2 emissions. In addition the energy input and CO2 emissions liberated from the novel consolidation process are significantly lower than the current , >30 batch processes, including energy intensive vacuum melting and multiple forging. By more than halving the cost of titanium wire through leading edge technology, TWISTER will allow its strength and weight properties to be utilised at an economically viable cost, creating major benefits for spring making. New products generated from TWISTER will be affordable and increase the attractiveness to higher volume production vehicles.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Northern Automotive Alliance Ltd, LIVERPOOL £171,834 £ 103,100


K-Tech Suspension Limited, MOIRA £68,043 £ 40,826
Bentley Motors Limited, Crewe £137,400 £ 68,700
Meltech Cre Limited, LANCASHIRE £487,599 £ 292,559
Performance Springs Limited, LANCASHIRE £393,179 £ 235,907
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom


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