Glass-based Proppants Optimised for Pure Propane Stimulation (Glass-PrOPPS)


The 12 month ‘Glass-based Proppant Optimised for Pure Propane Stimulation’ (Glass-PrOPPS) project will create a new consortium (Glass Technology Services, GTS and Swansea University, SU), to address a major barrier to the implementation of water-less fracking technologies through the development of a range of innovative, cost-effective customised glass-based proppants that are compatible with liquefied propane gas (LPG). This new technology will maximise productivity of the well, whilst minimizing the use of chemical additives and removing the need for large volumes of water. If successful the outcome from this project will facilitate the global industry-wide take-up of water-free, chemical-free, Pure Propane Stimulation (PPS) whilst increasing well productivity through improved penetration of proppant into well fractures, increased proppant permeability (the gas can escape through the packed proppant more easily) and greater resistance of proppant to back-flow. The project will demonstrate the feasibility (TRL=4) of a range of novel glass-based proppants to address a major barrier to the implementation of PPS technologies.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Glass Technology Services Ltd, Sheffield £114,498 £ 85,874


Swansea University, United Kingdom £35,102 £ 35,102


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